Résumé Critique

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What is a Résumé Critique?

resume-clipart-gg57215963A professional résumé critique will cover all the areas that your résumé must include for you to be successful in your job search. Here at Write Right International, we have developed the ultimate Résumé Critique to determine how your résumé measures up in the areas of:

  • First Impression
  • Summary
  • Format
  • Relevance
  • Writing Style
  • Experience and Accomplishments
  • Final Assessment

Finally, completely for FREE, we will teach you the CAR (Challenge, Action and Result) method for writing your accomplishments. The CAR technique is a popular solution to BOTH résumé writing and interview situations. This is as employers need to gain a clear picture of your ability to handle obstacles and create the results they need – prior to calling you for an interview.

Is Your Résumé READY To Get You Noticed?

Ask A Résumé Expert. 

Your résumé can either work for you or against you. Don’t take that chance. Get a manual résumé critique from a professional résumé expert TODAY.

We will review your résumé in areas such as appropriate language, layout and relevant accomplishments for specific jobs and careers. Subsequently, providing you with a clear report and understanding of your résumé’s strengths and weaknesses.

*Click the button below to view a redacted completed résumé critique

Download “Completed Résumé Critique” Redacted_Sample_Resume_Critique.pdf – Downloaded 268 times – 229 KB

How this works

1. Order the résumé critique product below

2. Email your résumé along with 2 or 3 job advertisements that are of interest, to info@writerightinternational.com

3. We send you a résumé critique within 48 hours. It’s that simple 🙂


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