Formatting and Publishing Paperback Books

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If your book or manuscript is finally ready to be published and you have chosen to self publish, then this is for you.  We will format your manuscript into the specific guidelines laid out by Createspace, Lightning Source, Lulu and many others. Standard paperback book formatting includes a specific size, even and odd margins, even and odd headers, specific order of beginning pages, etc. The cover page also requires particular dimensions based on size and number of pages inside the book, as well as trim, bleed, spine dimensions, barcode etc.


Provide a Word document and the book cover as a jpg for us to format.


US$0.75 – per page*

Want us to publish your book to the relevant stores? Contact us for rates.

Terms: *Each manuscript page is a firm 250 words * To know how many pages are in your manuscript divide your total number of words by 250 *Discounts will be applied for large documents or multiple services *All rates are negotiable