Social Media

Content is Fire: Social Media is Gasoline.

The world of Social Media Management can seem complex with many platforms and many ways to share content. We understand your company’s objective: To maximize ROI with increased likes, follows, shares and engagement.

What does all this mean and how will it impact your business’ bottom-line?

Eric Bradlow, Professor of Marketing and Statistics at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania guarantees that if you run a regression of purchase data on Facebook likes, products that have more likes on Facebook will be bought more. In fact, knowing how many likes you saw on Facebook for a given product helps to predict purchase data more so than traditional online or television advertising.

Additionally, the effectiveness and credibility of Facebook’s metrics and analytics cannot be overstated. In fact, Facebook passed the 300 billion dollar net worth in 2016, making them the leaders in significant ROI for businesses. In the same way, platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are helping companies to engage with their customers in new ways and ultimately driving sales.


Where do you start?

The place to begin is with your target customers. First, we need to identify them and their problems. By focusing on pain points, you can create content that solves their problems. Knowing your audience also means being able to find them where they are, whether they are on one particular platform, in specific groups or following certain pages. Understanding your audiences helps you to target them with more effective content and achieve better results.

Regarding audience, you are writing to solve a pain point for them, so you need to know who they are, both so you can write for them, and so you can target them with your social media and/or email campaigns.


Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.

Getting to know your customers will allow you to build a bank of questions that they may have. Your first content creation strategy will be to answer those questions. Not only will you grow your community but you will also build your professional reputation and brand recognition.


Time to build credibility.

Writing great content and publishing it via your company’s blog and social media platforms is only one-half of the process. Distributing good content does not guarantee significant increases in engagement, traffic, and sales. Still, if your customers aren’t coming to you, you must go to them.

Now, it’s time to become a thought leader. Start by answering questions from your target audience. You also want to acknowledge the influencers in your industry. Responding to the content of major influencers in your field helps you to not only stay up to date with trends but it also aids in giving your content more visibility. By making thoughtful comments on content shared by influencers, these same influencers may also read and share your content to their audience.

How Can We Help You?

Here at Write Right International, we will get you started with our Social Media Starter Kit. Now you can access Social Media Management for one low affordable flat rate. Perfect for solopreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs.

Our Social Media Starter Kit includes;

  • Classifying your target customers.
  • Pinpointing where to find ideal customers and what platforms to focus on.
  • Creating and scheduling 1 week of powerful content to be shared twice daily.*
  • Uncovering a minimum of 10 influencers in your industry.
  • Making 2 retweets/quotes/shares from influencers daily.*
  • Your Social Media Assessment Report and Recommendations.

*(once on Saturday and Sunday)