Promotional Content

Thought Leadership vs. Promotional Content 2

When you are ready to begin planning your content, it is essential that you understand that promotional content and thought leadership are two different things. Thought leadership takes you into the realm of subject matter expert, making you and your organizations into entities that know not just how to provide a solution but also has a significant understanding of your objectives, the pain points of your clients, and how to guides them toward appropriate solutions.

Any seller can publish feature focused product description brochures and other product-related content. Still, only the trusted seller will triumph as they understand their target audience and knows exactly how to help them. In this way. Most of the work is already done as buyers will naturally gravitate toward these sellers. Remember, instead of constantly pushing sales messages to your leads, you want to teach people the benefits of what you do.

Content Marketing and the Call-To-Action

Now it’s time to walk the tight rope because even educational content should have a strong, clear, call-to-action (or CTA). Your CTA is part of your marketing message that should persuade people to act. Your standard CTA might ask the reader to subscribe to your blog, download another ebook, or sign up for a demo.

Tips for a powerful CTA, it must:

  • Stand out
  • Clearly define what you want the lead to do
  • Create urgency
  • Be positioned in a prominent area